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Listed below are articles that will help you review events and happenings that affected Chester River Health, its member facilities, and members of the staff in 1999.

Chester River Health System is Ready for Y2K-  12-13-99

Seven Recognized for Improved Health via Programs-  12-6-99

Two Physicians Join Hospital Medical Staff-  12-6-99

"Care of Cancer Patient" Education Course
Offered in Chestertown
-  10-5-99

Hospital Saving SuperFresh Receipts to Buy Equipment-  9-13-99

Spine Surgeon Joins Hospital Staff-  9-13-99

Voorhees Raises Money Via Boston Marathon-  9-13-99

Local Nurses Group Recognized- 8-6-99

Annual Christmas Shop to Benefit Hospital- 8-2-99

Hospital/AARP To Offer Mature Drivers Class- 8-5-99

Hospital Offers Comprehensive Diabetes Education Series- 8-2-99

Klinefelter Named to MHA- 7-19-99

Morphy Joins Hospital Staff- 7-19-99

Pulmonologist Joins Hospital Staff- 7-13-99

Hospital Announces Computer Shutdown- 7-6-99

Watroba Wins Health Care Scholarship- 6-21-99

Wefelmeyer Wins Health Care Scholarship- 6-21-99

Robin Basque Honored for Victim Assistance Work- 5-18-99

Local Women Campaign for Increased Organ Donations- 5-13-99

Hospital Meets Goal in SuperFresh Fund Raising Program- 4-26-99

Hospital Offers Several CPR and First Aid Classes- 4-19-99

Hospital Foundation Board Honors David A. Bramble- 4-12-99

Magnolia Hall Joins Chester River Health System- 3-19-99

Local Woman to Use Marathon as Fundraiser- 3-15-99

Postal Service Raises Hospice Awareness with New Stamp- 3-1-99

Hospital Board Expanded and New Members Elected- 2-18-99

Civil War Surgeons - A Prized Possession- 2-8-99

Hospital, Health System Elects Leadership for 1999
- 1-25-99

Hospital Medical Staff is Elected for 1999
- 1-22-99

Borneman Completes New York City Marathon- 1-10-99

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