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Hospital Meets Goal in SuperFresh
Fund Raising Program

Chester River Hospital Center is pleased to announce that $132,608.00 was collected in the SuperFresh grocery store’s "Go for the Green" receipts fund raising program this year. The grocery store chain has donated one percent of that total, or $1,326, to the Hospital. This far exceeds the amount raised last year thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of the community.

Plans are to use this money to purchase two "Gerry chairs" for use in the Medical/Surgical unit. Carol Ollock, RN, nurse manger of the unit notes that, "This specially designed type chair is used by patients who have had total hip or knee replacement surgery and also by stroke patients. The new chairs will be a taller model than the ones currently in use; the added height enables surgery patients to move in and out of the chair with more ease and safety." Several of the chairs are used each day at the Hospital.

The Hospital thanks each employee, patient, volunteer and friend who saved and donated register tapes to this community project.