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Hospital, Health System Elects Leadership for 1999

Chester River Hospital Center and its parent, the Chester River Health System, have elected their leadership for 1999.

The Hospital’s Board of Directors elected two new members and expanded its membership by adding the President of the hospital's Foundation as a voting member.

Maryland M. Massey of Millington and Charles D. "Chip" MacLeod of Worton were elected at the hospital's annual meeting of the board and were approved by the Chester River Health System Board at its annual meeting.

Mrs. Massey is a registered nurse who retired from the Kent County Health Department as Deputy Health Officer last year; she continues to work there part-time as a consultant. She also operates Maryland's Herb Basket and serves as a Millington Town Councilwoman. She worked at Chester River Hospital Center from 1960 to 1973, including six years as Director of Nursing.

Also elected to the board was Mr. MacLeod, the former Kent County Administrator. He recently received his law degree and is now establishing a career as an attorney with Funk & Bolton, P.A., where he concentrates in local government law and public finance. He has been actively involved in several organizations including the Local Government Insurance Trust, the Maryland Association of County Administrative Officers and the Kent County and the Maryland State bar associations.

The two new members replace retired board members, Clarence A. Hawkins and Michael M. Forney, D.V.M.

Chestertown attorney C. Daniel Saunders, the current president of the Foundation, will join the hospital board. The Foundation Board guides the hospital’s fund-raising efforts. Participation on the governing board will provide the foundation with better exposure to the hospital’s needs and challenges as well as its priorities and accomplishments.

W. Jackson Stenger, Ph.D., of Chestertown was re-elected chairman and Michael A. Marshall of Centreville was elected vice chairman. Continuing in their offices will be: William R. Kirk, Jr., president, Jerry McCarthy, treasurer, and Robin E. Klinefelter, secretary.

The hospital's Board of Directors includes twelve volunteer community representatives and the presidents of the Auxiliary, the Medical Staff and the Foundation.

Dr. Stenger was also named as chairman of the Chester River Health System’s Board of Directors and Michael R. Moore of Chestertown was named chairman-elect. Also re-elected were William R. Kirk, Jr., president, Jerry McCarthy, treasurer, and Robin E. Klinefelter, secretary. The System was established to provide patients and third party payors with access to a continuum of care by coordinating health care services such as acute care, home health, hospice and long-term care. The current members are the Hospital and the Chester River Home Care & Hospice.