Anesthesiology at Chester River Hospital

Chester River Hospital's anesthesiology services minimize patient pain and discomfort. This past January, Chester River Hospital changed providers for anesthesiology. Our anesthesiology services are provided by Tidewater Anesthesia Associates, an all board-certified team of physicians led by Dr. John Snell. By employing technological advances, our highly-trained anesthesiologists provide state-of-the-art anesthetic methods geared to the specific needs of our patients.

Patients are evaluated whenever possible the day before anesthesia is required and the most appropriate anesthetic management is selected based on the individual's problems and the procedure to be performed.

We also provide emergency anesthesia service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our anesthesiologists are located on the Chester River Hospital campus and each shift of physicians stay on-site to ensure the most convenient and timely service to our patients. Chester River Hospital is committed to patient safety and to providing the best care possible to our community.

Meet Ona Kareiva, M.D., Tidewater Anesthesia Associates and Interim Chief of Anesthesiology at Chester River Hospital.

"Chester River Hospital has a great OR team," commented Dr. Kareiva. "The OR nurses are very efficient and patient focused. The Tidewater Anesthesia physicians are pleased to provide anesthesiology services here in Chestertown. We are excited to have this new relationship with Chester River Hospital."

Ona Kareiva, M.D., Tidewater Anesthesia Associates