Hospice & Respite Care


The illness of a loved one is never easy. That is why Chester River Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive hospice and respite services to families in need of assistance. Family members can be confident that their loved one will receive the best care possible while in our facility, and feel secure in knowing that they will take pleasure in their stay.

Hospice Care

Chester River Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center coordinates with Chester River Home Care & Hospice to provide optimal comfort for resident's with terminal illnesses. Under the direction of the resident's personal physician, the team strives to help residents and families cope with emotional and physical pain. Volunteers visit to offer emotional support, and along with Chester River Manor's nursing assistants, provide one-on-one comprehensive care.

The Hospice Suite at Chester River Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 

Being at home, in familiar surroundings and with family and friends, is the wish of every hospice patient.  But for those who have no caregiver or whose caregiver is no longer able to care for them, a hospice room can be a home away from home.

What Makes a Hospice Room a Home?

A hospice room is quite simply a home away from home, a place where hospice patients can reside with dignity while benefiting from the expertise of a full team of nurses, aides, and hospice volunteers who become an extended family.

Hospice rooms are furnished with home-like amenities such as furniture, photographs of loved ones, and personal mementos. Every effort is made to create a home environment for the individual and family entrusted to our care.

Staff & Support

The  Hospice Suite at Chester River Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center is staffed by registered nurses and physicians, available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Volunteers are available to provide needed companionship.

 Hospice Suite residents are provided with the same hospice services they receive at home, including laundry, food and recreation services. For services not covered by insurance plans or other third parties, the Center has established a financial assistance policy based on a sliding pay scale to lessen the financial burden associated with hospice services.

Respite Care

Caregivers sometimes need to be relieved of caring for a loved one at home for a short period of time. Chester River Manor's respite program is a solution where your loved one will be supervised by a caring and professional staff.

 Respite guests receive 24 hour nursing care, meals, medication monitoring, laundry services and may participate in therapeutic /diversional activities as appropriate. Respite care rooms are equipped with telephone and television. While advanced notice to secure respite care services is highly suggested, Chester River Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center will make every attempt to accommodate the unexpected needs a family may have for respite care services.