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Inpatient Care


We understand that children may have fears about being in the hospital. Our nursing and medical staff is experienced and sensitive to meeting your child's needs. Our focus is on family-centered care, because we recognize that when a child needs to be hospitalized, it affects the entire family.

Chester River Hospital provides inpatient care to children 12 years and older who require surgery, such as for an appendix removal. Medical care is provided to patients 14 years and older.

Children who are younger than 14 years and need to be admitted to a hospital, after being assessed and treated in our Emergency Department, will be transferred to a pediatric center. Our Emergency Department physicians will recommend the appropriate facility and arrange for transfer, or will provide the parent/guardian with a list of hospitals to choose from, including facilities that have dedicated inpatient pediatric units, staffed by pediatricians who are available in the hospital 24/7.

Chester River Hospital Center is dedicated to making sure patients receive the appropriate level of care, considering all factors—the right place, the right time and the best care.