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Nutrition Counseling

Proper nutrition is an integral part of any patient's treatment and recovery process. That is why Chester River Hospital Center offers comprehensive inpatient nutrition counseling programs. These programs are managed by registered dieticians and are designed to provide comprehensive medical nutrition therapy for patients to assure that their normal and therapeutic nutrition needs are met.

The inpatient nutrition counseling programs work closely with all other disciplines to ensure the best possible healthcare outcome for each patient.

Inpatient Nutrition Counseling

Every individual who receives inpatient services at Chester River Hospital Center receives nutritional screening by one of our registered dieticians. Through the screening our dieticians determine each patient's level of nutritional risk in order to determine whether or not the patient is in need of formal nutrition counseling.

Common triggers for a high level of nutritional risk include new onset diabetes, cancer and acute renal/liver failure.

If our dietician determines a patient is in need of nutritional counseling, the patient will receive personalized counseling in a one-on-one environment during their stay at the hospital.