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Nutrition Counseling

Proper nutrition is an integral part of any patient's treatment and recovery process. That is why Chester River Hospital Center offers a comprehensive outpatient nutrition counseling program. These programs are managed by registered dieticians and are designed to provide comprehensive medical nutrition therapy for patients to assure that their normal and therapeutic nutrition needs are met.

The outpatient nutrition counseling programs work closely with all other disciplines to ensure the best possible healthcare outcome for each patient.

Outpatient Nutrition Counseling

Chester River Hospital provides several outpatient nutrition counseling programs, largely centered on obesity, management of diabetes and treatment gastrointestinal disorders.

Weight management programs are also offered, both on a personalized and a group basis depending on the patient's wishes.


Community Outreach

Wellness is often a group effort. Nutrition counseling and information programs are available to community businesses or civic groups, and often include themes like weight management and basic nutritional health.

A popular outreach program is our Lunch n' Learn session, in which one of our registered dieticians speaks with a group on nutritional health and related topics over lunch. Sessions are arranged by contacting the nutrition counseling department.