The Heritage Society

If we were to ask our children or other close relatives to list our values and goals, what might they say about us? Chances are, we won’t be remembered for the cars we drove or the clothes we wore, but we will be remembered for the principles by which we lived and the causes we supported.

Through the years, our community has been blessed by the many benefactors who created their personal legacies by supporting our health care programs and services through planned gifts. Members of the Heritage Society have made a life income arrangement with us or have advised us of their plans to make a gift through their estates for the benefit of the people we serve.

The Heritage Society proudly recognizes and honors all of these people

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Mrs. James T. Anthony, III
Dr. Charles Bagley
Anna M. Baxter
Mr. Traver L. Berry
Ms. Florine T. Bond
Mr. William Clair Brothers
Mr. George R. Bruening
Mr. Edward Carroll
Ms. Mary C. Cecil-Taylor
Mrs. Frances S. Clendaniel
Mrs. Arthur F. Connors
Reade W. & Mary P. Corr
Mr. & Mrs. David Downs
Mrs. Helen F. Dwyer
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart M. Elsberg
Victor C. & Virginia H. Ewing
Mrs. Rebecca H. Faxon
Mrs. Mildred W. Fogwell
Mrs. Robert L. Forney
Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Fry
Mr. James R. Galloway
Mr. John E. Goodman
Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Green
Mr. & Mrs. Leif F. Gulbrandsen
Mrs. Harriette D. Hall
Mrs. John B. Harris
Mrs. Florence G. Hathaway
Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Hay
Mr. John C. Huntington
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Janson-LaPalme
Mrs. Elizabeth R. Keer
John J. LaFerla, M.D
Eleanor C. Leh

Ethel M. Leh
Mr. Ferdinand LaMotte, IV

Mrs. Constance Stuart Larrabee
Mr. Raywood R. Lister
Mrs. Naomi B. Lofland
Mr. P. William Marshall
Mrs. Dorris E. Marshall-Scott
Mr. E. Thomas Massey, Jr.
Mr. E. Thomas McGlinn
Mrs. Irma F. Miller
Dr. Filbert L. Moore
Dr. & Mrs. Calvin F. Murphy
Ms. Mary Myers
Mr. R. Gerald Myers
Mr. Albert T. Nicholson
Mrs. Clinton E. Ollivier
Mr. Carlton H. Richard
Mr. Joseph Y. Sanderson
Mrs. Mary P. Sears
Mrs. Jean M. Smith
Mr. Edward Carroll Stollenwerck
Mr. T. Allan Stradley
Mr. William L. Susen

Ms. R. Lea Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. Carroll V. Tiemeyer
Mr. Donald M. Vinson
Mr. & Mrs. William E. Walbert
Mrs. Marie-Louise L. Watson
Mr. & Mrs. J. Willis Wells
Mr. John B. Widdup
Mr. David H. Winter
Howard & Mary D. Wood
Mr. S. Irving Woodall
Mrs. Mary Workman

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