Thank You Chester River Manor!

I am writing this letter to express my apprciation for the kindness and care my mother received during her stay at your facility.

From the time you enter your facility you are greeted with a smile from the ladies at the reception desk and the rest of the staff, nurses, care givers and everyone else who is employed there.

Coming from a situation where I had both parents in their 90s, I know it isn't easy to care for the elderly in their declining years, with all the infirmities that go along with it. When my father passed and my mother had a stroke, it was a necessity that she enter into long term care, and Chester River Manor was the right choice. She was always treated with compassion, respect and dignity from all the nurses and care givers. A meeting every few months to apprise the family of her health and mental status by the nursing staff was always reassuring.

I would also like to thank the staff in your business office, mainly Ms. Faye Hadaway who going into this I didn't know, but now consider a friend. She helped me a great deal when I needed it and pointed me in the right direction on financial matters.

Mr. Seitz, you should be proud of your staff, they all do an excellent job. Being the director of a facility like Chester River Manor is no small undertaking, your hard work shows in all aspects, you are an asset to the facility. Again thank you, our family could not have chosen a better facility!

Sincerely Yours,

Timothy Johnson