Thank You Mammography / Radiology Department!

Yesterday I was a patient at the Johns Hopkins Avon Foundation breast center for a biopsy because of the excellent work of Chester River's radiology department that last June flagged in a routine screening an irregularity that needed to be watched. A diagnostic imaging earlier this month suggested additional evaluation (biopsy) might be appropriate.

My grandmother died due to breast cancer when she was just about my current age. The subsequent advancements in early detection and the work of the wonderful staff in the Chester River radiology department will almost certainly give me a more fortunate outcome.

Kudos go especially to Dr. Nelson for finding the suspicious irregularity that is so small and obscure. It took the radiologists at Hopkins a while (and two different types of sonogram equipment) to see it very well. They seemed impressed with Chester River's thorough work and assessment of the situation.

I will always be grateful for the caring professionalism of the Chester River Health
Center staff which helped me feel taken care of and safe during a stressful situation. Staff turnaround in records transmission and coordination with Hopkins was no less than immediate. In a world of bureaucratic red tape that always seems to cost unnecessary delay I was, frankly, amazed.

Thank you for the dignity, courtesy, thoroughness, promptness, and competence with which my case was handled. It always helps to know that a facility that succeeds in providing an exemplary standard of care is in our community.

Susanne Hayman