Chester River Hospital Center’s First Water Baby

Chestertown, Md., June 17, 2011—Sawyer Patrick Stoltzfus was Chester River Hospital Center’s first“water baby” born underwater on June 6, in the new hydrotherapy tub. Dr. Webb delivered baby Sawyer at 11:14 pm, assisted by Carol Leonard, RN, and Carolyn Blunt, RN. He weighs eight pounds, two ounces and is 21 inches in length. Cheryl Stoltzfus, mother of baby Sawyer, remarked how the water helped with her contractions.

 “All of the staff in the maternity department was excited about the first baby born in the new hydrotherapy tub,” Dr. Lisa Webb commented. Dr. Webb (previously Dr. Pagano) has been delivering babies for more than ten years.

The new tub was installed this past April and was unveiled at the maternity department open house on May 12, 2011. The birthing tub consists of an acrylic skirt with two safety grab bars, an LED light system, slip-resistant tub floor and has a 75 gallon water capacity. It is generously sized to allow for the mom-to-be to change positions. The hydrotherapy tub utilizes the soothing properties of warm water to relax the laboring mother. Many mothers report that delivery is less painful, more relaxing and more pleasant in a laboring tub.