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Magnolia Hall offers services to meet the special needs of residents, families and the community.

Our Services

Assisted Living
Dietary Hospice
Rehabilitation Respite
Social Services/ Resident Resource Coordinator

Activities Department 
The activities department offers a wide and varied schedule of daily activities seven days a week. Activities are planned on a monthly basis and published on a calendar that is posted on each resident's personal bulletin board. Residents are strongly encouraged to participate in the activities. Visiting family members and volunteers are welcome to take part in the activities scheduled at the time of their visits. Some residents may be reluctant to attend at first without the support of a family member. 

The goals of the program are to maintain physical strength and flexibility, stimulate minds, provide opportunities for social contact with other residents and outside visitors and individuals, meet spiritual needs and continue an association with activities residents enjoyed before moving to Magnolia Hall.

bingo.jpg (26655 bytes) Activities play a meaningful part in helping residents live as fully as they are able. Each one is planned as an opportunity for residents to participate on a level equal to their physical and mental capabilities.

Families are urged to talk with the Activities Director to provide any information about the new  resident's interests and abilities. A family's insight is valuable for staff.

Magnolia Hall makes every effort to help residents attend religious services if they wish. Weekly services are provided on the premises by local churches and religious groups. Ministers, priests and rabbis are encouraged to visit with residents. Church groups also provide Bible studies, hymn sings, games and many other activities. Youth groups and young people are always welcome.

The Activities Director conducts the monthly meeting of the Resident Council whose members are residents. The Council makes recommendations to department heads and the Administrator on a variety of subjects and provides an opportunity for residents to express concerns and exercise choices.

The activity staff works to accommodate families who plan special occasions for their loved one such as birthdays, anniversaries or other special events.

Sample activities from a monthly calendar include:

Ring toss, volleyball, bowling, exercise class, 
piano programs, sing alongs, musical programs,
current events, book reviews, reminiscence, short story, bookworm, crossword puzzles, Bible study, religious services, hymn sings,  gardening, cooking, arts and crafts, painting, trips, picnics, shopping, assorted holiday celebrations, and the Resident Council meeting, which serves as a forum for residents to share concerns.

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Volunteers are always needed and welcomed. We encourage high school students to earn their community service hours with us. Any individual, family members, youth, community groups, should contact the Activities Director for more information.

Assisted Living
People who can no longer manage living on their own but who do not need the intensive, 24-hour care of long-term care may find Magnolia Hall's assisted living service meets their needs. It is designed to maintain independence and dignity, yet is balanced with the comfort and security that comes from knowing experienced help is close at hand.

Along with the assurance of 24-hour supportive services, these residents have access to nursing care; personal assistance with bathing, dressing and personal hygiene; and medication monitoring. Meals, housekeeping, laundry, beauty/barber shop and access to a wide variety of activities and social and spiritual programs are also included.

Families and friends are encouraged to remain involved by visiting frequently and taking residents out for meals, home visits and church or community events.

The dedicated rooms have private bathrooms and access to cable and telephone service. Residents may decorate their room with their favorite personal belongings.

All residents who are able are encouraged to eat meals in the dining rooms to enjoy the social contacts and to appreciate a new location. The commute to and from the dining room provides an opportunity to perform activities of daily living. Tables in the dining rooms are attractively set with table coverings and centerpieces. 

dinner.jpg (28363 bytes) Family members and visitors are encouraged to join residents at dinner and supper; there is a small fee for guest meals. 

Breakfast is served in residents' rooms starting at 7:30 a.m. Dinner and supper are served in the dining rooms.

Each day different types of diets are prepared to meet the individual needs of the residents as prescribed by their physician. These include: regular, pureed, soft, low salt, mechanical soft, diabetic and bland. Specific requirements must be met for each individual based on physician's orders. Weekly menus are posted throughout the facility. 

Hospice Care
Chester River Home Care & Hospice and the Kent Hospice Foundation coordinate care with Magnolia Hall to provide optimal comfort for residents with terminal illnesses. Under the direction of the resident's personal physician, the team strives to help residents and families cope with emotional and physical pain. Volunteers visit to offer emotional support and along with Magnolia Hall's nursing assistants, provide one-on-one care.

Rehabilitation services
Individuals sometimes require additional help as they recover from surgery or trauma before returning home. Magnolia Hall Rehabilitation & Nursing Center offers services and therapies to help people regain skills needed to live independently and to function at their best.

Therapies are directed under the supervision of the resident's personal physician and are provided six days a week and often twice a day.

Therapies include: Physical Occupational Speech Respiratory

These services are available as part of the rehabilitation program:

Skilled Nursing Care Wound Care Mental Health
Social Work

Respite Care
Caregivers sometimes need to be relieved of caring for a loved one at home for a short period of time. Magnolia Hall's respite program is a solution where the loved one will be supervised by a caring professional staff. Respite guests receive 24-hour nursing care, meals, medication monitoring, laundry services and may participate in daily activities. Respite care rooms are equipped with telephone and television and decorated to have a home-like feel. Although a two-week advance notice is preferred, Magnolia Hall will attempt to accommodate unexpected needs for respite care.

Social Services/Resident Relations Coordinator
This individual serves as the social worker on the Care Plan Team, assessing the psychosocial needs for each resident. The Coordinator works with the Activities Director to insure that each resident is provided with opportunities for socialization and resident interaction. 

As the Resident Relations Coordinator, this person responds to resident concerns and is the contact person for family members. 

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