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Maternity Services

Most parents-to-be begin preparing for their baby's arrival from the first day their doctor confirms that they're expecting. Every parent wants to give his or her child the best possible start in life so much time and effort is put into planning for the pregnancy and birth.

Our maternity services offer expectant and new parents a warm, supportive environment, with superb one-on-one nursing care. At Chester River Hospital Center, every attempt is made to help new parents enjoy the first hours and days with the newest member of their family.

About Chester River Hospital Center Maternity Services

Having a baby is a most memorable time in your life. From your pre-natal care to the birth of your baby and your first time together as a family, you want everything to be special. Chester River Hospital Center’s maternity services department wants to help you realize this dream. We offer:

  • Comfortable, home-like birthing rooms.
  • Nurses and staff dedicated to making your pregnancy and birth experience everything you've hoped for.
  • Wonderful care for you and your new baby – and some special perks, too.
  • A variety of pre- and post-natal education programs to help parents prepare for the upcoming event.

Birthing Rooms

Chester River Hospital Center’s maternity unit is designed to make people feel safe, secure and well cared for. Whether their choice is natural childbirth or epidural, we have the staffand equipment to accommodate the needs of every parent. birthroom.jpg (21129 bytes)

The unit allows parents to experience many comforts of home while in a hospital setting.  Parents are encouraged by our staff to be active participants in the birth experience.

Chester River Hospital Center offered the first Labor/Delivery/Recovery and Post Partum (LDRP) rooms on the Eastern Shore. These rooms are designed to allow labor, delivery and recovery to take place in one setting. The four rooms are decorated in warm wood tones and pastel colors and are furnished with a multi-position birthing bed that converts for delivery, a glider-rocker, a reclining chair and television set. Each room has its own private bathroom and shower. Mothers and their infants remain in the LDRP rooms during their stay at the Hospital.

But when mom needs rest, baby can move into the secure nursery located on the unit. Here the obstetrical staff provides care, not only for the well infant, but also for sick and premature newborns.

kiss.jpg (30597 bytes) Your baby may stay with you in your room as much as you'd like, even when visitors are present. To help your new family get started, we offer flexible visiting hours for dads and siblings. Grandparents and other adults are welcome to visit for a short time during the regular visiting hours of 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Chester River Hospital Center has made every effort to insure its maternity unit is secure. Access to the unit is controlled; admittance is gained only after being identified by staff.

Maternity Staff

maternitynurse.jpg (31559 bytes) We have planned very carefully to help make your experience at our hospital pleasant and comfortable from admission to discharge so you can concentrate on getting ready to be a new parent. Mothers are encouraged to visit the hospital to pre-register, tour the maternity unit and meet the staff. The pre-registration process will reduce admitting time so you can concentrate on your baby’s arrival.

One of our highly skilled nurses stays with each mother throughout active labor and delivery. After delivery, our nurses help mothers learn to care for their newborns.

If your doctor has recommended that you deliver by C-section, or if a Cesarean delivery becomes advisable during labor, we are ready. We'll do everything we can to help you participate in this special kind of delivery. A prior C-section does not automatically rule out vaginal delivery. If your doctor thinks you're a good candidate, you'll be in good hands. We've helped many women who've had Cesarean births experience successful natural deliveries.

No matter which method of delivery you experience, your coach can be with you to offer support and share in the joy of this special time.

Post-Delivery Care

Of course, our first priority is making sure you and your baby receive all the good care you need. So, we assign one nurse on each shift to care for both of you. Your nurse will stop in from time to time to see how you're doing, answer questions, make you feel comfortable and help with new-mom adjustments. Before you're ready to leave the hospital, she'll give you some tips for bathing, diapering, dressing, feeding, cuddling and enjoying your new baby when you get home.

Women who have chosen to breastfeed can depend on our lactation consultants for assistance and support while in the hospital and in the months to come through the Breastfeeding Support Group. After discharge, the consultants will call you to offer support and answer questions.

A nurse contacts each of our mothers within 30 days of her discharge to discuss any problems or concerns about the baby or herself. The staff arranges for visits in the home for babies needing extra care or for both mothers and babies who stay in the hospital less than 24 hours.

The birth of your baby calls for a celebration! While you're here, you and your guest can look forward to having a delicious dinner served in your room.
volbaby.jpg (26608 bytes)

We will be glad to take baby’s first photos so friends and family can see the newcomer.

Community volunteers have provided hand-made booties and hats to keep each baby warm in the hospital and at home. The Friends of the Kent County Public Library and the Kent County Board of Education send every baby home with several books to begin a lifetime of reading enjoyment.

The Maternity department also coordinates a low-cost car seat rental program. Plus, parents who complete the "Healthy Babies and You" prenatal class will be given a free car seat.

New Parent Education Programs

If you're like most moms- and dads-to-be, you'll want to start preparing for your baby's arrival from the day your doctor confirms that you're expecting!

We provide a variety of education programs to help parents prepare for the upcoming event. Our classes can guide you through the next nine months and beyond with ease.

You'll want to sign up for classes that can give you lots of practical pointers on how to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy, breathing and delivery techniques, newborn care and how to be a relaxed, confident, capable parent.

Special classes help future siblings prepare for the new arrival and learn how to give you a hand as well.

Isn't it good to know you'll have so much help getting ready for your baby?

Parents planning to deliver at Chester River Hospital Center, as well as those delivering elsewhere, are invited to attend our classes taught by certified childbirth educators. All classes will be held at the hospital; class dates are subject to change. For more information about classes and to register call (410) 778-3300, ext. 2320.

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