The Heritage Society honors people who have expressed a commitment to the future health and well-being of the people served by Kent & Queen Anne's Hospital through provisions for the hospital in their estate plans.

For more information of how you could be a member of the the Heritage Society, please contact Maryann M. Ruehrmund, director of development, at (410) 778-3300, ext 4070 or send her an email at [email protected]. All inquires are confidential.

Members of the The Kent & Queen Anne's Hospital Heritage Society are:

  Dr. Charles Bagley
  Mr. William Clair Brothers*
  Mr. Edward Carroll*
  Mr. & Mrs. John B. Clendaniel
  Mr. Reade W. Corr*
  Mrs. Helen F. Dwyer
  Victor C. & Virginia H. Ewing*
  Ms. Rebecca H. Faxon*
  Mr. & Mrs. Edwin C. Fry
  Mr. John E. Goodman*
  Mr. & Mrs. Harry C. Green
  Mr. & Mrs. Lief F. Gulbrandsen
  Mrs. John B. Harris  
  Mrs. Florence G. Hathaway*
  Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Hay
  Mr. John C. Huntington Jr.
  Mrs. Elizabeth R. Keer
  John J. LaFerla, M.D.
  Mrs. Constance S. Larrabee*
  Miss Eleanor C. Leh
  Miss Ethel M. Leh*
  Mr. Raywood Lister
  Mrs. Naomi B. Lofland*
  Mr. & Mrs. P. William Marshall
  Mrs. Dorothy Stoops Martin
  Mr. E. Thomas Massey Jr.*
  Mrs. Irma F. Miller*
  Mr. & Mrs. Calvin F. Murphy
  Mr. Albert T. Nicholson*
  Mr. Carlton H. Richard
  Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Y. Sanderson
  Mrs. Mary P. Sears*
  Mrs. Jean M. Smith
  Mr. Edward C. Stollenwerck*
  Mr. T. Allan Stradley*
  Mr. & Mrs. Carroll V. Tiemeyer
  Mr. Don Vinson*
  Mrs. Gilbert L. Watson II
  Mr. & Mrs. J. Willis Wells
  Mr. David H. Winter*
  Mr. S. Irving Woodall*

  * Posthumously