Chester River Hospital Center
Surgical Services


1copy.jpg (18834 bytes) Chester River Hospital Center offers a wide range of surgical services. The surgical services suite includes two operating rooms, a special procedures room, a same day surgery unit, a post anesthesia care unit and a pre-registration and educational program (PREP).

The operating rooms are used for general procedures as well as for procedures in specialty areas. These specialties include:

Orthopedic surgery
Plastic / Reconstructive surgery

The same day surgery suite has grown in importance over the years. Technology has improved, new settings for health care have become available and third party payors have become more involved in decision-making regarding where and how care is delivered. As a result, overnight hospital stays are no longer as common.

Because of advances in technology many surgical procedures can now be done using minimally invasive procedures. Laparoscopy permits surgery to be conducted using tiny incisions through which surgical instruments are inserted. The minimally invasive procedures result in less discomfort, shorter recovery periods and a shorter stay at the hospital. Laparoscopic surgery is commonly used for general surgery procedures such as gall bladder removal and gynecological procedures such as tubal ligation.

Chester River Hospital Center’s surgical services suite includes PREP, a Pre-Registration and Education Program which was developed to enhance patient satisfaction by improving the patient education process and facilitating registration for surgical patients. Through PREP, a surgical admissions nurse meets with each patient who is scheduled for elective surgery to complete a pre-anesthesia and nursing assessment and to coordinate registration and all ancillary testing that is necessary before surgery such as lab work, x-rays and EKGs. The surgical admissions nurse also provides any patient education that is necessary including information related to medications, diet and pain management.

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