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Patient to Patient Program Supports
Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patients

Kent & Queen Anneís Hospitalís cancer counseling program is offering a new service to support newly diagnosed cancer patients and their families. The Patient to Patient program utilizes the experiences of cancer survivors to help answer questions and reduce the fear of individuals who have recently learned they have cancer.

Dr. Rick Wirtz, Psy. D., a psychologist and director of the hospitalís cancer counseling program, explains, ďNo matter how informative and reassuring a doctor or nurse might be about cancer treatment and its side effects, there is nothing quite as inspiring for the new patient as the experience and support of a cancer survivor.Ē

Volunteers are trained in communications skills, confidentiality and the availability of local resources before being paired with individuals with the same diagnosis. Anyone with a new cancer diagnosis can access this service by calling Dr. Wirtz at (410) 778-5550 or (410) 778-3300, extension 2233.

Cancer survivors who would like to volunteer to share their experience with a newly diagnosed patient, may also contact Dr. Wirtz to learn more about the program.

The hospitalís cancer counseling program is available to all cancer patients including those not receiving treatment at the hospital.